Fleet Specialists

Zoresco has dedicated Fleet Specialists, working with medium and large fleets across the country.  Use our years of expertise to make your fleet management stress-free!

Fleet management

Our Specialists have decades of experience in the commercial vehicle industry.  Our knowledge is unparalleled and at your disposal.  Let us help to design not only the best commercial vehicles for your applications, but also a fleet replacement plan to save you money in the long run, keep your operators happy and working at peak efficiency.

National Ship-Thru

Our national ship-thru capabilities allows you to order a truck directly from Ford and have it delivered to any dealership coast to coast.  Utilizing Ford's transportation network, the truck will be delivered to Zoresco, we will perform any upfit and place it back in Ford's transportation network for delivery.

Certain truck dimension restrictions apply, but for F-250s through F-550s, this is a highly-valuable tool for your fleet.  Save time and money and reduce delays in your fleet ordering process!

Bailment pools

Zoresco holds multiple bailment pools for Chevrolet, Ford, GMC and RAM commercial vehicles.  This means we have an expanded inventory of available vehicles customers can pick from for upfits, decreasing the build time for the vehicles you need.

dedication to quality

Currently, Zoresco holds designations, elevating us to the top 2% of all commercial vehicle upfit companies:

Market driven products

The products we offer are designed and built with our customers feedback, not in a conference room.  The innovative new products meet needs previously unfilled to improve safety, productivity and company image.  Examples include our exclusive line of Z-Spec dump bodies and revamp of rear tailgates to reduce impacts (by distracted drivers) by 78% year over year.

Service after delivery

Fleet Specialists will manage all your warranty and service needs.  Additionally, our nation-wide network of resources allows you to have the peace of mind that you're covered, no matter what happens.  For select areas of the country, we also offer mobile service.  Perfect for both preventative and emergency services, we'll keep your down-time to a minimum and get you back on the road and productive as fast as possible.

Where to start

Not sure where to start?  We're happy to help you find the perfect truck for your fleet needs, and in the meantime, these are the seven questions you need to ask before you make a purchase.

Does the vehicle upfitter have enough insurance coverage to cover you in case of future litigation due to a collision?

Many times, after a collision, litigants will sue as many companies as they are able to, in hopes to receive an oversized payout.

To minimize your exposure as much as possible, Zoresco carries a 10 million dollar insurance rider, compared to the normal 1 million dollar rider most upfitters carry. In addition, we are supported by the legal departments of our national suppliers, providing substantial resources if a case does reach court.

What training will be provided with my commercial vehicle?

Dealership staff should go over the safety and operational features of any commercial vehicle you purchase for you and your operators.

Additionally, Zoresco offers training videos for more complex vehicles, as well as on-site training and demos of any product you purchase or are considering. Our Specialists are happy to schedule a time at your convenience.

How safe is the vehicle?

Specialty applications can pose challenges while they are being built to maintain safety standards, and require additional safety training for your operators.

Zoresco provides weight distribution analysis, center of gravity calculations and liability analyses for vehicles we produce. Additionally, it would be our pleasure to provide training at your job site.

Is my purchase backed by the right experience?

Partnering with a dealership and upfitter that have been in the commercial vehicle business for years is vitally important. The experience and the skills required to produce the most efficient and productive commercial vehicles is an expertise crafted through studying and building the best fleets in the country.

In 2021 Zoresco will celebrate our 40th year. That includes builds for some of the largest utility fleets on the ground, and expertise in the local community, giving you the confidence that you’re getting the best commercial vehicle. Our products are developed in the real world, not in a conference room, and the popularity of our bodies proves that; Zoresco sells over 1,000 dump truck and an additional 1,000 platform and service bodies each year.

When I need routine maintenance and service in the future, how convenient will that be?

You don’t want to wait for maintenance or service of your vehicle. Commercial dealers can take care of most vehicle issues through their service departments, and any body or equipment work can be done by the upfitter.

In addition to our five convenient locations, Zoresco has a nation-wide network of partnered facilities to take care of any after-the-sale service needs. We are committed to making our end-user and partner dealerships happy in a way that is fair to all parties involved.

How is the body painted?

Typically, bodies are painted on the vehicle, resulting in overspray. Instead, you should look for a body that was painted separately.

Zoresco bodies are painted separately on carts to ensure no overspray onto the vehicle. Additionally, we black-in the underside of our dump bodies to provide superior corrosion protection and a longer-lasting body. Our dump bodies have a reduced number of weld points, resulting in less potential rust spots and we use PPG AUE grade paint, the same that is used on heavy industrial equipment to provide a long-lasting, professional look.

When will the dealer be able to provide delivery of the vehicle?

A lot of factors go into a finished commercial vehicle, including the availability of the vehicle chassis and the body and equipment that gets installed, as well as the location of the upfit company in relation to the dealership.

Zoresco has five convenient locations, as well as an on-ground inventory of over four million dollars worth of bodies and equipment. We also hold nine bailment pools, providing unparalleled access to commercial vehicles. On top of that, Zoresco is a Ford Ship-Thru upfitter, meaning that as long as certain physical dimensions are adhered to, vehicles can move through the Ford Transportation Network directly to Zoresco and then to your preferred dealership. With the recent addition of our Evans City location, you get lightning-fast delivery!