The family of Z-Spec dump bodies

Exclusive to Zoresco Equipment Company, the family of Z-Spec dump bodies was built from the ground up to meet our customer's needs.

Each of them include EZ-Latch hardware, integrated cab shield and fully-boxed gussets.  EZ-Latch hardware is a non-spring mechanism, meaning there are no pins to lose, and its ease of operation makes opening the tailgate a breeze.  The integrated cab shield ensures there are no seams to rust between the dump body and the cab shield, while the fully-boxed gussets allow you the flexibility to haul larger loads of lighter materials.

When you're shopping for a dump truck, make sure you get the best: insist on a Z-Spec!

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Steel Z-Spec

The Z-Spec Dump Body is designed to be multi-functional, from the integrated 3/4 cab shield to the patented rear EZ-Latch system. This body, with its sleek styling will give you many features not found on conventional dump bodies such as the standard 22" rear board pockets that make hauling the heavy or bulky loads a breeze.
All Zoresco bodies are painted on carts, so there is never a danger of overspray onto the chassis.  Additionally, the fully boxed top rail on all sides and tailgate can be painted underneath, offering maximum coverage and protection.
Vertical braces are on the sides and the tailgate, and the side rails are at a 45 degree angle to shed dirt, keeping you and those around you on the road safe.
A once piece floor, radius sides and interlaced cross members complete the construction of the body.  Lights are recessed in the rear posts which are flush with the tailgate.

The Z-Spec Dump Body built with existing Rugby technology, integrated with Zoresco Equipment company specifications and coupled with a Rugby hoist give you a combination that can't beat.

Hard Hat

Based on user feedback and recommendations, the Hard Hat Package adds more value to your investment and makes you even more productive on the job site; with an increased body weight of less than 100 pounds, it is the smartest way to configure a dump body.
The Hard Hat offers all the features of the original Z-Spec with an aluminum tailgate, 12" centers, 7-gauge steel floor and an integrated tarp rail.
Easy one-person operation of aluminum tailgate, which is 132 pounds lighter than a steel tailgate, allows you to cut down on the number of operators in a vehicle, and their potential for workman's compensation claims.  The weight difference between a steel and an aluminum tailgate is something you need to feel for yourself, contact one of our Specialists for a demo today!
Additionally, the Hard Hat package includes 12" centers.  A more rugged body gives you more freedom to haul heavier loads.  Spaced closer together than the standard 16" centers, 12" centers offer increased support and stability.  The 7-gauge steel floors (as opposed to the normal 10-gauge) also offers the ability to carry more weight.
Finally, the integrated tarp rail provides versatility with tie-down points built into the side of the body, as well as extending the versatility of the body for a number of commercial applications and compliance with state DOT regulations.

Aluminum Z-Spec

Exclusive to Zoresco Equipment Company, the Rugby Z-Spec is already recognized as one of the best dump bodies on the road today.  The aluminum version combines all the features of steel, including EZ-Latch tailgate hardware, 3/4 cab shield and recessed lights in the rear posts, with a lightweight and sturdy aluminum body.
The 5052AL aluminum body provides the same strength and features of the steel Z-Spec with a lower weight.  This provides fuel savings and the capability to haul heavier loads, all with a sleek, stylish appearance, improving your company's image.
A slammable, aluminum tailgate allows a single person to easily operate over and over each day.  With greater ease to manage loads, get more done with this sturdy, yet lightweight tailgate.

Stainless Steel Z-Spec

An attractive, bright and eye-popping body, sure to impress your customers, designed with daily productivity in mind, the new Stainless Steel Z-Spec dump body rounds out the Z-Spec family.
Made from 10-gauge stainless steel with a 3/16" AR400 crossmemberless steel floor, the entire exterior is #4 polished 201 stainless steel, giving you a dump body that is as strong as it is impressive to see.
EZ-Latch tailgate hardware makes operation easy, along with all standard Z-Spec features, proven to make you more efficient, all with a bright body free of any corrosion or other long-term appearance issues.